Winter Stevens Point on film

Readers beware…geeky camera-speak ahead! I recently shot through a roll of cheapie Fuji film to make sure my old Canon was still working (before running a roll of not-so-cheapie film through it.) It’s been so relaxing to shoot film again…I can’t even begin to describe how different it feels compared to digital photography. Slowing down, thinking about each element quietly and squeezing that shutter feels like magic! You’re actually MAKING something…not just creating a file of info filled with info you’ll have to spend time perfecting to try to get it to look like real life. Film just is real life. Even these shots, which are literally drug-store wham-bam developed and scanned (read: pretty crappy) look pretty decent! The only Photoshop on them is the B+W toning of the truck image.

If you follow my Twitter (which I’m pretty sure is just my mom and friends, haha!), I recently snagged a Polaroid 103 land camera that appears to work. I also picked up the COOLEST serving tray that looks like a $150 find from Anthropologie; I paid a whopping $3. I’m anxiously awaiting the 103’s battery and film but will be posting shots as soon as I can. I’m also shooting a roll through my vintage Fujica (the camera I’m holding in my bio picture). That little gem is actually Zac’s grandpa’s old camera and has quite a few quirks. I’m a vertical shooter, and its viewfinder gets janky and slants like 30 degrees when you’re composing that way. So…we’ll see what comes of that! Needless to say, I am so inspired and can’t wait to photograph my family this way + shoot a few rolls at my weddings this summer. xo, Carly